Mindrum Estate

Mindrum Farm and Gardens are set in over 1150 acres of beautful Northumbrian Countryside

about us

Mindrum is a regenerative organic mixed farm based in North Northumberland overlooking the Cheviot Hills and the Northumberland National Park.  Discover the History of Mindrum and explore Tom’s Blog discussing regenerative farming techniques and soil biology alongside comments on the day to day running of the farm.  Come and stay in our luxurious holiday lets and wander round the gardens. 

In addition to the day to day business of farming, Tom and Miki work with a range of clients on a consultancy basis.  Tom supports a number of agricultural clients and groups, helping them make the transition into a regenerative business model.  This involves monitoring a range of soil biology and ecological successional indicators to help farmers implement profitable sustainable operating models.  We also work with a number of agroecological groups and trials projects to generate the knowledge and data needed to operate agribusinesses profitably and sustainably, whilst addressing many of the challenges facing the world today.

Miki has a background in finance and real estate developed over 25 years, and whilst being responsible for the financial and legal aspects of Mindrum Estate, she is also a Trustee of Uppingham, a leading independent school based in Rutland, and Chief Operating Officer of Admiral Consultancy, a company specialising in brand and reputation management for global companies, as well as acting as an adviser to several other companies.

At Mindrum we also focus on working with a number of schools, interest groups and educational institutions, connecting children to the ground that produces their food.  Its thrilling to engage with these incredible youngsters and discover ways to develop the agroecology and sustainable food production systems that will feed us all into the future. 
Tom is a STEM Ambassador and runs a number of activities to introduce young people to the exciting world of agroecology, both at Mindrum and in Classrooms.

We look forward to welcoming you to Mindrum and hope you enjoy your stay.

Tom & Miki Fairfax