Consultancy Support

We’ve learned lots of lessons and done lots of retraining on our regenerative journey.  We are thrilled to be able to support a number of clients in their journeys too!


We have conducted a great deal of research, retraining and our own development to support our regenerative journey.  We are thrilled to be able to support a number of clients in their regenerative journeys. 

Biological Assessments

Many folk talk about soil biology but few actually look it in the eye.  Having conducted extensive lab training, Tom is trained to conduct biological assessments of soil, composts and liquid assessments to establish their effectiveness as biological interventions.

This also enables an accurate assessment of the level of ecological succession that the soil has achieved so that we can identify the plant groups that are naturally going to thrive.  This doesn’t always match but will inform the business plan! 

If you would like to understand precisely how healthy your soil or compost is, get in touch using the email below.

We can explain how to take a sample and can then assess it for you.

Strategy Development

Whilst every field is unique, having a coherent regenerative strategy is critical if you are to develop a productive, sustainable agricultural ecosystem.  Our assessment and strategy development service gives clients the framework they need to navigate the route to productive, sympathetic agroecology.

Biological Field Walking

We have a biological field walking service to support local farmers who are on the regenerative route.  This involves monitoring soil biology, plant health and recommending ways to establish functional ecosystems that meet the farmer’s objectives.

This is normally a flexible model, as different models require different frequencies of monitoring.  This may operate in parallel with an existing conventional crop walking service.


Business Support

With much experience in farming, property and family office sectors, Miki assists clients with the redesign of their business models to support the challenges of the changing business landscape.

Miki has a background in finance and real estate developed over 25 years, and whilst being responsible for the financial and legal aspects of Mindrum Estate, she is also a Trustee of Uppingham, a leading independent school based in Rutland, and Chief Operating Officer of Admiral Consultancy, a company specialising in brand and reputation management for global companies, as well as acting as an adviser to several other companies.

She also works on a project basis supporting clients in specific situations.

Natural farming systems are, by definition, context dependent.  This means that the package you need will be unique to you and your ground.   We can help you develop this strategy and a pragmatic implementation plan.

Give us a call, or drop us an email below!