A rare foray into politics – Driving to work yesterday I was musing on how how our collective political class have managed, so effectively, to trivialise such an important debate (the UK election).  The debate seems to focus largely now on tactical bribes or bullying that is calculated to appeal to particular voter groups.  Then there is the usual side debate about how triviality is stopping people from voting – I hear this frequently when chatting to people.

I was then struck by “a sense of the Bleeding Obvious” (I am probably rather behind everyone else!) Given that our political class are all fighting for their jobs and accepting that they are normal (if sometimes arrogant) members of society who have stepped forward to do a job that most of us don’t want to do.

I think that we should allow them their “Silly Season”, ignore the Gibberish we are hearing from all sides – and focus on the strategic picture.

This, of course, means that the rest of us have to stand forward and take the strategic view, noting that the entire political class is currently compromised and the civil service (at least those who are not either in purdah or on long term stress related sick leave) are running the country.  It is up to us, the humble voters…..

I think we owe it to our country to ignore the election generated fluff and focus on the core question:  Who do we want to be running the country for the next 5 years?  For me – this is a no brainer ….. !

Most importantly, we need to get off our backsides and vote (I already have, by post).