Amazon, cardboard and Oyster mushrooms.

Online shopping has made shopping for many products much easier… this is especially true for those of us lucky to live in remote locations, where “local shopping” is limited to essentials and is still a a considerable drive!  One of the side effects, however, is a Tsunami of packaging.  Our recycling bins explode with a range of materials.  I have been increasingly frustrated seeing the vast piles of brown cardboard disappearing into recycling bins or worse, into waste bins and landfill.

We are luckier than some, and have a range of agricultural and horticultural compost piles. Whilst these make excellent use of Cardboard, they are not practical for everyone!  Frustration drove me to the Squinternet and the Mighty Oyster Mushroom.  Oyster mushrooms (there is a range of pleurotus species suited to a range of contexts, climates and jobs) are not only great to eat (if you like mushrooms!) but they will grow on a huge range of substrates and what they really like – is Cardboard!  

I won’t go into the detailed techniques here – as there are a range of excellent resources online – depending on your need, but its easy to do on a large or small scale and there is a model for everyone, regardless of their circumstances. You can use buckets, bags or even make cardboard burritos innoculated with a bit of spawn which is widely available online, and is relatively straightforward to propogate if you wish.

So if you find yourself facing a mountain of cardboard or a recycling bin that looks as if it is about to split then why not have a look at growing some oyster mushrooms – its a lot easier than one might think!